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Community Meth Awareness Information:

To read the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) facts on Methamphetamine, use this link:  NIDA Meth Facts

Want More Info on Meth?

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"Meth Is Death

This is an off-site link to must-have information 

on the truth about methamphetamine. 

Parents are strongly urged to watch the video 

before allowing their children to view it.

Viewer discretion is advised.

Meth Awareness Presentation 

Offsite link to "Faces of Meth" Website



General Methamphetamine Information:


This series of photographs shows the effects of 10 years of methamphetamine use, and yes, the the same woman is shown in all of the photographs.

Years 1-5 left to right

Years 5-10 right to left

Physical signs of meth use include radical and rapid weight loss, loss of hair and teeth, meth sores or "bugs".  These signs are usually accompanied by psychological changes that can include extreme paranoia and aggressive behavior.


Meth or "crank bugs", are sores that chronic methamphetamine users often display.  These sores can appear anywhere on the body.
What does Meth look like?  Usually packaged in tiny jeweler's type zip lock style baggies, methamphetamine is a light colored, crystalline substance that can range from white to yellowish, pinkish  or bluish crystalline powder.  Close-up photo of crystal methamphetamine in jeweler's baggie.

Craig Police Corporal Travis Young with baggie of crystalline powder that field tested positive as methamphetamine.

Broken light bulb pipe.
Methamphetamine can be smoked, injected or inhaled.  Common methamphetamine paraphernalia includes glass smoking pipes, broken light bulbs used as pipes, syringes, straws and tiny zip lock

The most commonly used syringes in our area are diabetic type syringes with very fine needles and orange caps.   If you should find syringes or other paraphernalia, do not touch them, call for police assistance!  Treat all paraphernalia as a biohazard.


Meth Labs:Meth cooks can set up a lab virtually anywhere, including inside a residence or motel room, any building, the trunk of a vehicle.  What does a meth lab look like and what are the signs that a meth lab has been in operation?  The pictures below show common components and lab setups. If you suspect you have found a meth lab, leave the area immediately and call police.

Meth labs are combustible in nature and pose a very serious hazard.  Never enter an area you believe may contain a meth lab.  Entry into these areas must be accomplished using hazardous materials precautions. 
Components of a  meth lab.

A hotel meth lab setup.


 "Box Lab," a portable meth lab setup.

Burns showing the result of an apartment meth lab.


Administration:  970-826-2360

Fax:  970-824-5706

Patrol Services:  970-824-8111